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18 May 2011

REGRET - The matter of choosing

REGRET. It is a feeling that most people, all people I can say, feel at least once in their life time. We might go back to the past and see some things that we did differently from the way it should be done, and we realize it right now at this moment. The big question is, during those times did we know that the actions that we were going to do were wrong? Be honest, most of us knew. We have been taught about religion, moral and bunch of philosophies from our parents, teachers and the society, of course we knew some basic rules in living. Of course we knew what is good to be done and what is bad to be done, at list at the basic level.

This ‘regret’ happens because those days, we CHOSE to do things that we were not supposed to do. It is the matter of choices and we chose the wrong path eventhough we knew it was wrong. That is the key of regret, because we were not forced by something else, we willingly did them and right now we think that we were not supposed to do that.

The biggest issue is what are the impacts of things that we had done to our life, to the society, to the world today and after this? Some says, a butterfly flaps its wing at this side and causes tornado at the other side of the world. Impact! All things that we do will have their own consequences and of course things that we regret must bring some sort of negative consequences. Some of them are so horrible and deadly, and we feel that we want to pay any price to go back and change a couple of seconds of our life. But is it possible???

The world spins and it doesn’t stop, yet. The time runs and never holds. Every second counted. Can you change the seconds that you had spent reading the previous paragraphs of this entry? No, you can’t, because you already did it and you must take the responsibility, no turning back.

And now what we have to do, is to plan what to do in this second and all the seconds that will come after this one. Make sure that we think wisely before we choose what to do so later on we will not feel regret just like how we feel towards our past actions. Past is past, the only things that we can do is repent and pull our life back to the right track and wash all the black spots that we have created. They are difficult works to do but do we have any other choice? Do we prefer to live in sin and regret? But the good news is, we are able to choose what is the best for our life, starting now. So at the future we will never regret what we have done previously. We have experienced feeling guilty and that motivates us enough to be careful with out thoughts and actions so we will not do things that can bring us to the on-going-never-ending-regretful life. We must choose.

p/s: If people ask me what was the period that I regret most, I will definitely choose the period when I was a teenager. The prophet was right, my parents and all wise people are right… youth is a very dangerous period. We tend to do wrong things according to our wrong interpretation towards the world. Accept it dear readers.

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