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26 May 2011

Agree VS Disagree

Sometimes I can see,
people always disagree with each other.
some of them disagree
because they have different ideas,
because they are in different parties,
because their right are denied,
because this people hate that people.

There are many more reasons
of why people are difficult to agree and accept.
For me myself...
When I think, I decide, and I express my idea,
I always remember a phrase from my senior
when I was at Falahiah those days:
"Rela dibenci manusia kerana mengikut kehendak Allah,
tak rela dibenci Allah kerana mengikut kehendak manusia"

justifications become invisible
because ego and hatred
are too thick
covering people's eyes

p/s: when other people have different ideas compared to our's, it doesn't mean that they are wrong.
Good Morning (",)

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Syafiq Fadeli said...

gambar berposing-posing di Perdana Park...hek3