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30 July 2011

UNDUR - Finally done

I just finished writing the full lyric for my new song, UNDUR.
And I also just finished composing the melody.
MashaAllah, it sounds really nice.
Now I'm looking for anybody who wants to collaborate with me,
especially in term of composing the music and studio recording.
Anybody interested here?

Pendekar Muzik

29 July 2011

Kumpulan Nasyid R&B (Al-Mawlid)

Ever heard about al-Mawlid?
It is a new nasyid group in Malaysia
The interesting fact about this group is,
the group members are from several R&B groups that used to be very popular groups around 5-10 years ago.
I believe you know these names: V.E, Ruffedge and Innuendo.
And suddenly they united and form a nasyid group
to sing and deliver the message of Islam,
through music.
Some of the members who you might know are Amer, Lah and Zaf from VE. Azan and Mode from Ruffedge, and some other team members.
Here are two of the official clip videos of them

Amer Munawer - Seluruh Mahabbah

Al-Mawlid - Cahaya Seluruh Alam

26 July 2011

I Choose ISLAM, I Love ISLAM.

I love my din (religion), Islam. I realize, sometimes when we learn about Islam but not too much, we will have doubt, and then a lot of questions will appear in our mind. For those who stop there, they will get nothing but exposure to the dark side, to the wrong path... But for those who keep learning about Islam, look for the answers from Al-Quran, Hadith, Ustaz, and all the researches that had been done, they will find the truth. The answers will be revealed and the faith (iman) will be strengthen. That's why the first word that Allah delivered to Prophet Muhammad is 'Read!' (Iqra'!). I love Islam.

The article that I currently reading:

Google map shows that all three prohibited lands (tanah haram) in Islam are white in color. Blessed lands.

A Nostalgic Visit to SMKA Falahiah

I went to my former secondary school just now to distribute the invitation cards to my former teachers. I went there with my wife. I parked my car near the main gate, so I can easily go out if anything happens during the visit, yes, personally I was quite nervous just now because I was afraid if I couldn’t find any teacher that I know, shame! So I went there with a big hope, ‘please, meet me with somebody that I know’.

The first place I went was the college office. And Alhamdulillah, the first person I met knew me, and she brought us into the office and there I met a lot of people that I know. We chatted a little bit then I gave them the invitation cards. After that Ustaz Hussin brought me to Cikgu Ghazilan and then I went to the staff room, SPBT room, etc… Alhamdulillah, I met a lot of teachers that I know and they still remember me. I met Ustaz Ulwi (Ustaz Super), Cikgu Sharif, Teacher Faridah, Cikgu Jawahir, Ustaz Mithlan, Ustaz Afandi, and more. I had not been there for like 6 years because I was studying far away from the place (Sabah & Selangor) and I rarely came back to my hometown. I afraid if people who knew me were already gone or posted to teach somewhere else. That totally will make me a solid alien at my own school.

Thanks to Allah, Alhamdulillah, I managed to distribute the cards and the best thing was, I met a lot of teachers and people that I really missed. They played a very important part in creating me as a man that you can see today. It was a great pleasure meeting them just now, and I really hope I will meet them again, and give something to the school as my token of appreciation. I love SMKA Falahiah.

24 July 2011

'UNDUR' - My new excitement

Suddenly I got an idea for a song.
I really love this song and I'm planning to record it and make a clip video of it.
I really want to share this song with you guys but it will not happen it this short while.
Because I still have to get somebody to compose the music,
and then have to record the song at studio.
And then I myself will direct the clip video.
I hope you guys will enjoy it (later),
it has a really strong message.
The most important thing,
this song is for my self-satisfaction.
So far, the song title is 'UNDUR'.

P/S: After the song is finished, I will look for somebody who is really good in recording video with DSLR.

one of my wedding photos

An instrument that I really want to master

Once upon a time at Pangkor

18 July 2011

How to Speak like Barack Obama??? (public speaking principles)

How to speak like Obama???

Public Speaking Principle #1
Never, ever start your speech with an apology about your level of preparation or about how poor a speaker you are. In a non-professional venue, the audience will be on your side. In a professional venue, don’t go in unprepared. Have a professional help you to get ready if necessary.

The only exception to the apology rule is if you’re using it intentionally to make a point, it’s part of a joke, or it’s otherwise being used as part of your speech.

Public Speaking Principle #2
Control your body. A lot of people start to sway (often because of shifting from one foot to the other) when they speak. Or they bat their arms against their sides. Or they otherwise don’t have control of their bodies because of nerves. Make sure you practice ahead of time in front of a mirror, video camera, or people you can trust. Not only will the practice help to keep you from feeling nervous, but you’ll have practice in this body control.

Public Speaking Principle #3
Control your eyes. Yes, you might largely be reading from a script (and remember, don’t apologize for that), but don’t forget that you’re speaking to real people. Make eye contact with them as often as possible, even if it means keeping one finger on the page to keep your place. Also, the more stories you can tell from your own experience, the less you’ll need to refer to that paper, and the more the speech becomes a comfortable situation for you where you’ll be able to really relate to your audience.

Public Speaking Principle #4
Control your voice. Because of nerves, many people speak too quickly, too indistinctly, or too quietly. Keep in mind that you’re having a conversation with someone and use that voice of yours. Sometimes fast is ok, because it can emphasize excitement or it can be used in a humorous way. Sometimes extra slow can add real power. But use speed intentionally. Likewise, don’t do monotone or your audience will sleep. Make sure to vary your tone to help convey meaning and keep things interesting.

Public Speaking Principle #5
USE your body. Don’t just control it. Use it. It’s better to stand still than to sway about, but it’s best if you can use body language to help communicate your message. A good deal of communication is made through the body. Don’t lose the opportunity to say more than your words are saying.

Public Speaking Principle #6
Use the pause. A lot of people don’t understand the power of the pause. A good pause can help to command people’s attention, underline a point you’re making, or throw an audience into hysterics. Write these pauses into your speech and practice it this way. Professional comedians and speakers put a lot of time into learning how to drop a pause in just the right way.

Public Speaking Principle #7
Practice. No, really – practice! When I’m writing speeches for people, they often come to me at the last minute for help. I’m happy to assist, but I know it means that they won’t really practice their speech.

Doa Pagi

Dengan namamu Ya Allah
Kami meminta pada waktu pagi dan petang
bagi mengisi pujian pada waktu pagi dan petang
kurniakan kami dari sisiMu petunjuk
Tunjukkan kami jalan kebaikan
sesungguhnya ketaqwaan kpd Allah
cahaya dan jalan kejayaan

15 July 2011

Hina-menghina agama.

Wahai saudaraku kaum Muslim. Dah banyak kes saya tengok, orang agama lain menghina dan merendahkan kesucian Islam dan Nabi Muhammad dalam youtube, blog dan sebagainya. Saya ingin berpesan, sebagai Muslim, kita WAJIB mempertahankan kebenaran dan kesucian agama Islam. TAPI INGAT, jangan sesekali menghina agama lain. Sekiranya penghinaan kita membawa kepada penghinaan mereka terhadap Allah, maka penghinaan kita telah jatuh hukum haram. Maka janganlah menghina agama dan sembahan mereka. Sesungguhnya Allah bersama dgn Muslim yang penyabar.

14 July 2011

Ceramah Motivasi @ Kelantan

Saya sekarang di Kelantan. Jadi sesiapa yang berminat untuk jemput saya bagi ceramah motivasi atau bebas, sila hubungi saya via FB atau fon untuk rundingan. Saya akan respon segera. TQ.

FB: Syafiq Fadeli
handphone: 0178326640

13 July 2011

Catch me on Youtube

Kpd pembaca2 budiman sekalian, huhu.
Now you guys can watch my videos on Youtube.
Just search 'Syafiq Fadeli' then you'll see the list of vids.
I recommend you to watch 'bila cikgu sudah tiada', 'sampai subuh' and 'happy deepavali'.
these vids got a lot of 'likes' when i posted them on my FB.
So...see you on Youtube!

11 July 2011

BERSIH 2.0 - Kisah memalukan negara disebalik perhimpunan.

I didn't join the Bersih assembly 2 days ago but I heard a lot about it.
From the positive view, we can see that government must be transparent during the election next year.
This assembly showed that Malaysians want a clean election to choose their leaders.
The news said that Malaysia's police had succeed in handling the assembly,
and they successfully did caught over 1000 Malaysians including several politic leaders who were involved in the assembly which was labeled as illegal.
But this video that I found on Youtube shows something else.
Something that is a lot more disturbing and humiliating. 
p/s: Don't speak if you don't know how to speak.

07 July 2011


Jika dikira, perhimpunan BESIH akan diadakan lusa, bersamaan 9 July 2011.
Aku malas nak komen la, sape rasa nak join, join la. xnak join, xyah join la.
Bergantung pada perhitungan masing-masing.
Aku pun ada perhitungan aku dan aku akan buat apa yang seharusnya dibuat.
Cuma apa yang menarik ttg perhimpunan ni ialah isunya.
Adakah Malaysia adalah sebuah negara demokrasi?
Apakah yang terselindung di sebalik segala konsep, gagasan, dan lain-lain perlaksanaan di Malaysia?
Erm..malas plak nak komen panjang2...
Tapi aku rasa, apa yang kita semua perlu fikir ialah apakah tindakan kita untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara yang ideal utk didiami oleh kita, dan semua org lain.
Untuk ini, aku amat bersetuju dengan saranan Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Beliau selalu menegaskan tentang kerja mesti 'TELUS".
Telus, transparent, jujur, tiada yang disembunyi...
Ini boleh menjamin Malaysia menjadi sebuah negara Islam yang Islamik.
Kalau semua telus, semua orang puas hati.
Kalau ada yang disembunyikan, sedangkan kita patut tahu benda tu...
Siapa tak meradang kan?

06 July 2011

Unforgettable incidents on my wedding day (aku dah jadi suami hehe)

Alhamdulillah aku dah berjaya melangsungkan pernikahan dengan pilihanku, Zaisma Firdani bt Ismail.
Pelbagai kenangan pahit manis dan lucu yang berlaku.. tiap kali teringat mmg bleh gelak sorang2 la hehehehe.

Kes 1:
Masa majlis akad nikah, aku rilek2 je la kan… mcm biasa, aku mmg spesis rilek. Nervous sikit tu ada la, tapi sikit sangat. Tak la seperti yang dorang dok gambarkan selama ni. Dorang tu mmg saje je bikin suspen haha.
Dah selesai akad nikah, semua pun melafazkan syukur... then pak imam nak bacakan doa. Semua orang pun tadah tangan la kan...baru je doa 2-3 patah, sekali henfon pak imam tu berbunyi la plak...lagu ‘kalau berpacaran janan tunggu lama2’...
Nak dijadikan cerita, pak imam tu tak angkat fon, so kami pun dengar la lagu tu sampai doa pun dah nak habis dibaca. Memang lama betul kami dihiburkan dgn lagu tu. Yang kekoknya sebab kami dihiburkan semasa baca doa... huhuhuhu

Kes 2:
Pada hari majlis persandingan. Aku minta kwn aku, Joe dan Awang untuk jadi MC pada majlis tu.
Pagi tu aku ke butik pengantin untuk bersiap dengan isteri aku. Kami pun pakai la semua baju dan mekap2 sikit.
Then Joe dan Awang sampai, aku plak lupa bawa pendrive. Dlm pendrive tu ada teks utk MC. So aku minta family aku yg dtg lewat sikit bawakan. So kami tak boleh gi dewan bersanding sebab MC xda teks.
Bila family aku sampai, dorg bagi pendrive dan dorg pun terus gi dewan. Aku, isteri dan MC naik keta Joe dan gi CC berhampiran utk print, tp xda parking. So Awang turun print kami dok dlm keta. Kami gerakkan keta ke depan coz jalan sempit... bila dh parking, nak call Awang coz kami jauh dari CC, si Awang plak x bawa fon. Tak bawa fon atau fon mati mcm tu la...
Then Joe turun cari Awang. Aku dan isteri dok dlm keta Joe siap dgn pakaian pengantin tu... dh lewat dh time tu... beberapa lama kemudian Awang dijumpai hohohoho.
Kami pun terus ke dewan bersanding, xda parking la pulak... pusing2 dpn dewan tu cari parking... majlis bertambah lewat... adoi... last2 jumpa parking betul2 depan dewan. Rupanya pihak dewan tu mmg dh reserve parking tu utk kitorg, mana la ktorg tau kan... adoiyai...
Then Joe dan Awang terus berlari ke dewan utk siapkan kejeMC. Dgn penat n berpeluh2, kami masuk dewan... Alhamdulillah semua tetamu masih di meja n tak mahu berganjak sebelum majlis bersanding... sebijik mcm cerita hindustan, kekalutan berlaku semasa hari pernikahan heehehe.

Walaupun penat, tapi sokongan semua org dan peristiwa2 lucu ni berjaya menutup penat ni.
Terima kasih semua kerana datang ke majlis kami, dan terima kasih atas hadiah2 yg diberi. Hanya Allah yang mamu membalas jasa kalian.
Sampai bila2 aku akan ingat majlis kahwin kami tu bila dengar lagu ‘kalau berpacaran’ dan bila tengok filem hindustan yang kalut2 time nak kahwin... hehehehe.