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26 July 2011

A Nostalgic Visit to SMKA Falahiah

I went to my former secondary school just now to distribute the invitation cards to my former teachers. I went there with my wife. I parked my car near the main gate, so I can easily go out if anything happens during the visit, yes, personally I was quite nervous just now because I was afraid if I couldn’t find any teacher that I know, shame! So I went there with a big hope, ‘please, meet me with somebody that I know’.

The first place I went was the college office. And Alhamdulillah, the first person I met knew me, and she brought us into the office and there I met a lot of people that I know. We chatted a little bit then I gave them the invitation cards. After that Ustaz Hussin brought me to Cikgu Ghazilan and then I went to the staff room, SPBT room, etc… Alhamdulillah, I met a lot of teachers that I know and they still remember me. I met Ustaz Ulwi (Ustaz Super), Cikgu Sharif, Teacher Faridah, Cikgu Jawahir, Ustaz Mithlan, Ustaz Afandi, and more. I had not been there for like 6 years because I was studying far away from the place (Sabah & Selangor) and I rarely came back to my hometown. I afraid if people who knew me were already gone or posted to teach somewhere else. That totally will make me a solid alien at my own school.

Thanks to Allah, Alhamdulillah, I managed to distribute the cards and the best thing was, I met a lot of teachers and people that I really missed. They played a very important part in creating me as a man that you can see today. It was a great pleasure meeting them just now, and I really hope I will meet them again, and give something to the school as my token of appreciation. I love SMKA Falahiah.


Anonymous said...

see you again =)

Syafiq Fadeli said...

see you too =)