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26 July 2011

I Choose ISLAM, I Love ISLAM.

I love my din (religion), Islam. I realize, sometimes when we learn about Islam but not too much, we will have doubt, and then a lot of questions will appear in our mind. For those who stop there, they will get nothing but exposure to the dark side, to the wrong path... But for those who keep learning about Islam, look for the answers from Al-Quran, Hadith, Ustaz, and all the researches that had been done, they will find the truth. The answers will be revealed and the faith (iman) will be strengthen. That's why the first word that Allah delivered to Prophet Muhammad is 'Read!' (Iqra'!). I love Islam.

The article that I currently reading:

Google map shows that all three prohibited lands (tanah haram) in Islam are white in color. Blessed lands.


Anonymous said...

inspiring...i guess i have to start reading about mine as well...thanks :)

Syafiq Fadeli said...

thanks v. Prophet Muhammad once said, if we want to success, we must have knowledge. welcome :)