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24 July 2011

'UNDUR' - My new excitement

Suddenly I got an idea for a song.
I really love this song and I'm planning to record it and make a clip video of it.
I really want to share this song with you guys but it will not happen it this short while.
Because I still have to get somebody to compose the music,
and then have to record the song at studio.
And then I myself will direct the clip video.
I hope you guys will enjoy it (later),
it has a really strong message.
The most important thing,
this song is for my self-satisfaction.
So far, the song title is 'UNDUR'.

P/S: After the song is finished, I will look for somebody who is really good in recording video with DSLR.

one of my wedding photos

An instrument that I really want to master

Once upon a time at Pangkor


t a u f i k said...

wsalam. can't wait to hear it! If possible, post the lyrics so we can anticipate the music. :)

Syafiq Fadeli said...

hehe...i far the lyric is still 'under construction' hoho.