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30 October 2010

...A Story Of A Lady On Her First Night...

Something that attracted me the most this morning on FB, a post entitled “MALAM PERTAMA KITA”. I adapted it into English. A story about a woman, who was at her first night…

A single thing to make us think,
To picture the wonder of the first night,
The night that has nothing to do with passion and fervor only,
The night that has nothing to do with the men-women business…

It is her first night with The Death,
The night that leaves the family’s tears…

On the day, the bride was exclusively pampered,
She didn’t even have to take bath…but been bathed…
Her body is wholly unwrapped,
Opened without any tiny cover,
No shame at all, at all…
The whole body was being rubbed and cleaned,
All dirt were pulled out from all cavities on her body,
Before they put in the white tiny cottons into them…

That was her…
That was her body…
Just like the time she was born in here…

After the pampering bath,
She was suited with the white bridal dress…
The one that rare people wear,
The famous dress called ‘kafan’.
And the perfumes been perfumed on the dress,
The head, waist, and legs were been tightened,
Look… Look closely… Look at her look.
The coffin is prepared as the bridal dais,
And the bride laid alone…

The bride was been marched in a sorrow parade around her village,
Families and neighbors were joining,
All of them were going to the palace of eternal, as the symbol of the root…
All steps were slow and grey,
So did the heart,
Beautiful rhythm of ‘Azan’ and ‘Zikir’ were recited,
And the ‘Talqin’ became the ‘Aqad’…
The grave became the ‘Wali’,
2 beautiful white stones as the witnesses and they all were there earlier…
She was left with the aroma of rose, alone…
She was alone…
She was waiting…
To be visited, and asked about her life…

The first night of wonder or fear,
Accompanied by worms and other underground animals and insects,
On the bed of earth…

7 steps they left her there,
The guardians that are assigned, Munkar wa Nakir,
And then nobody knows,
Either she has got pleasures,
Or tortures…

We will be there,
We will face what this lady faced,
But after the part that nobody knows what happened to her,
Nobody knows what will happen to us.
It is still… A secret…

29 October 2010

Madam Patsy's Farewell Party


Okay, set! We are going to have a farewell party for Madam Patsy, our coordinator. This is the details:

Venue : Tanjung Aru (Beach 1)
Date    : 2nd Nov 2010 (Tuesday)
Time    : 0800 – 1200

As usual, we must have a committee to run the activity. So these are the committee members, any question and change, you can refer to me ASAP.

Abang pengerusi      : Syafiq.

Abang2 ayam            : Adi (K), Pojie, Zack, Taufiq.

Abang2 jamuan         : “Pasukan Scrabble Elit C4”
                                       (Syafiq, Adi, Joe, Pojie, Shahrul)

Abang2 hadiah          : Ibrahim (K), Dutz, Shahrul.

Abang2 games         : Joe (K), Kasz.

Abang2 DSLR           : Onesensei (K), Arif.

Abang2 show            : Faris (K)

Abang2 prank            : ???? (rahsia, nama lagi prank)

Kakak2 Potluck         : Semua Girls C4 (bawak le apa2 yg bleh makan)

So, untuk merealisasikan impian rakyat jelata, beta minta RM5 sorang, sila bayar pd bendahara istana, Ibrahim Ismail. Yang girls bleh bayar pada bendahari on da spot, Farah Zariza. Kalo x cukup minta lagi nanti, kalo lebih kami bagi balik.

Ok, that’s all. This party will be a very simple and leisure party, so no need to stress2 owkeh. Eventhough it is simple, but make sure it will be memorable.

For abang2 AJK, please make sure you do your part. Kalo x, adoi… susah gua bro…

OK beres, setel.

Yang sesungguhnya bersungguh-sungguh,
Syafiq Fadeli

28 October 2010

It's All About A Word - Realization

Dear Journal,

            There is actually no reason for us to feel lonely. The world is actually feeding us with troubles and tests. We can choose some of them, but for the rest of them, we can’t choose. We are forced to get into the troubles, and crawl up to the surface in pain and suffer.

            But all the suffers that come to us, we are actually being watched by Allah. He never leaves us alone; He gives us the troubles to test our faith. A lot of people will turn to the world; they will fully depend on humans, on machines, on pills and treatments. That is something that makes us become so far from Allah. There are some times that we feel we want to get closer. We pray, we recite do’a, we be good Muslims. But then when the world shows its excitement again, we fall again and again. But then we realize the truth again. It is going to be like that again and again.

            One of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) companion asked him, he said, sometimes he was so devoted to the religion, but sometimes when he worked and was having fun time with friends etc, he felt differently. So he asked, either he was a Munafiq? So The Prophet answered, no, he was not a Munafiq. He was just a normal human being, always need reminders.

            Yup, we are humans, been created with 1 heart literally, but actually a lot of them there. That is why, every time we feel that we have done ‘too much’ or we are ‘too far’ from the path prepared for us, we must be brave to turn to Allah. Maybe we must leave some of things that we like most, because we must turn to Allah. Because at the end of the world, it is not all about what we like. It is all about what Allah had asked us to do, what Allah had warned us not to do, and our Iman. Today, we can prepare a lot of reasons. We drink alcoholic drinks to release stress, we don’t perform Solat because we are busy, we steal because we want to start a business, etc… those reasons are actually rubbishes. What will be counted is what is written in Islam. The Islamic Syariah, Akhlaq, Aqidah and Ibadah.

            Turn to Allah, he will guide us with His love. He is The One, only to Him we must devote the life. Because when Allah loves you, you will get the happiness, His bless and His heaven.

We must realize this.
Because this is the DEFINITE REALIZATION.

Syafiq fadeli.

25 October 2010

GooD LucK


Nothing much to say... i just want to wish 'good luck' to PMR students who already finished their exam weeks ago. and also 'good luck' to SPM students who are going to sit for their exam soon. Do your best, be the best. hehehe.

ok, got to go, need to submit my thesis draft... daaa~

21 October 2010


Sometimes we are to busy with the world, we keep running even we know that we still do not know where is the end of this run. Sometimes, we can hear so many voices are asking us to look back because we had left something, but the business make us afraid to look at the voices, we afraid that if we look back, then we look to the front, everybody else is leaving us too far already. So we keep running without the pause. Perhaps we don't know, what are the voices actually. I looked back once, and guess what did I see? I saw this...

Me (2 years old) and Abah

Abah and Ummi

I saw memories... I see, that the closest people to me are my family. They live with me, live for me, for a very long time. They have seen my stands and falls. They are people who celebrate all my victories. They are people who recited Al-Quran when I was sitting for exams, and they only stopped reciting when I finish answering all the questions. They are people who really take care of my life, they are the people who took care of my childhood, they built me to become this kind of adult. I have nothing to pay back. I just want to make them proud because their care does make me a human. A human who humanize humans.

Love Family.

20 October 2010

Jangan Menangis Palestin

            My motorbike is really amazing. Why? Because it can give me idea when I’m riding it hehehe… Just now I went to SMK Taman Tun Fuad. On my way back to the college, I had got a new idea to create a new song. So I composed a song while I was riding my bike. Like usual. Just like before, most of my songs were created when I was on the bike. Isn’t that cool??? hehehehe

            For this new song, I name it ‘Jangan Menangis Palestin’. It is about one of the holiest places for Muslims which is Palestin (Jerusalem). The lyric and the melody are quite easy and simple. Hurm, nothing really special actually. I just want to share this with you guys. Enjoy listening =)

(link ke Facebook)

So, how is it? Don't forget to leave your comments... hehehe.
bye, wassalam.

18 October 2010


Dear Journal,

            How are you lately? I hope you are always in the pink of health. ‘Pink of health’, is something that my tutor taught me years ago. Something from a lot of things that managed to get into my mind. Something that I manage to remember. Something that always brings me back to the moment when I crawled hardly to stand as high as my comrades. Something that brings me to the moment that I confused, either B.Ed TESL was the best option for me. Dear journal, I miss the moment when I wrote to you every single week.

            Since this is the first journal after like 4 years of ignoring you, today I think I miss you. If you wonder why the day is today, not any day between today and 4 years ago, just if you wonder, the answer is because today I realize that I have achieved a lot of things that I didn’t even imagine before. I used to be a very weak learner, I learned in a very hard way (because I am a lazy person of course), and I was always thinking of competing. I wanted to compete with my group members. I wasn’t even think about achieving something that my friends didn’t even think about. And today, the day that I declare as the day I miss my journal; I can show you my achievements. They are not so superb, but they are enough for me, so far.

            The world is moving so fast. It is actually faster than how we think it is. We are struggling to catch all the updates in this crazy little world. This blue planet always shouts to us, ‘c’mon, run faster!’. And the best part is, we obey. Why do we obey??? Why do we really concern about being up to date? Because people will call us ‘old-fashioned’ human beings if we don’t??? Yes they will, but you know what, it is just a perception. It is just a trap! People create this perception and make other people to believe. And we do believe for God sake.

            Something funny to be shared. When we go to the town or any place, we sometimes can see a reminder (a poster, a signboard) for us to beware of pickpockets. There are a lot of reminders like that, reminding us that the pickpockets are actually everywhere. That is damn true. But some of the pickpockets are traceable, some are not. Those who are untraceable are actually even more dangerous. They pick our money from our hands, in front of us, while we are conscious. We willingly GIVE them our money actually; we are pressed to do so. We have no choice, even if we have, we are persuaded to ‘invest’ for the world’s movement. Faster the world moves, faster our money flows out.

            For those who are ignoring the fact that the world is going to end, this realization is useless. They just don’t care. They do believe that there will be another world afterlife, the judgment day, the day when people will be questioned by the mighty God, the day when people will be placed in heaven or hell and have their eternal life, but they are having a life like they believe that the life after death is just a fairy tale story, a story that old people told their children just to scare them to be good and not to go to play outside after sunset. People do that, to pamper themselves. I used ‘eternal’ just now… eternal, a really scary word. I am scared with the meaning of the world. You should.

            That’s all for now… I will write to you again later. I’m going to have my lunch with my friend, and then I will search for something. I don’t know, today I have nothing really special to be done. I just let the life flows, just like how I did it before, and the result is, I am always happy. So I will keep doing it, because I know eventhough my life is not as interesting as some people, but this life makes me happy enough.

Love Allah,
Love Rasulallah,

Syafiq Fadeli (18/10/2010)

13 October 2010

The Farewell Steps

            Due to the arriving of the end for the practicum period, I packed my things to leave the school. I took 3 steps to get out from that school.

First step::..
I felt so blessed when I’d been called ‘sir’ and ‘teacher’ along the practicum period… I called my teachers with those words before, I’d been called with those words during microteaching which was a part of the acting requirement, but at this school, I’d been called those words sincerely. I am now a ‘sir’ to my students. I had a 3 months practicum there, but I’m sure, after that 3 months, till the end of the day, even longer, maybe forever, they will call me ‘sir’, they will call me ‘cikgu’. Even for students that I met them once in a 30minutes relief class.

Second step::..
I realized that I am no longer a kid that can lick all the things from my teachers and guardians. I am now preparing my shoes to be licked by others. I have to feed them. I have to humanize them. I have to educate them. I have to create my own history book. It might be a very thick one, but it maybe not. And at that farewell point, I noticed, this is the right moment to start my book, because the last page of it will be determined by this simple start. I am now a grown up man. I bring a lot of heavy things on my shoulders, but still I add more to make them heavier. Am I crazy? Nope, of course not, I’m now too far from craziness. I am just a brave man having brave dreams and doing brave jobs.

Third step::..
The last step, I realized that I had added more people in my lovers list. I love my students. It was not too obvious at the first time our eyes met, and I didn’t even think about loving them. I felt, this job is a professional job that has an extremely strong and high wall between me and my clients, which are the students. But at this third step, I missed my students. I missed them so much. They called me ‘sir’, and made me as their ‘sir’, they had put their trust on me to teach them English. I could cheat, they would not know, but that ‘trust’, really softened my heart, and made me motivated to bring them to the highest mountain of success, so one day I can stand there, they can stand there, and we look to the ground, we see ourselves were crawling in those hot classes, we were hugging each other to calm the sadness of a failure, we were shaking hands to promise that that was not the end of our relationship. Looking at the past with tears, and we tell ourselves, finally we did it!

And for me, I have created an idiom, which I really hope it is an idiom:
“A weapon that the greatest teacher always has [in pocket], A CHEAP RED BALL PEN.

And for my students, I have taught them how a pen can make them success:
  1. write
  2. make mistakes
  3. do correction
  4. rewrite

Farewell 2 Alamanda,
Farewell 2 Daisy
Farewell my mentors,
Farewell all students and teachers,
Farewell SMKBKK.

Your Lover.

Syafiq Fadeli,
13th October 2010.