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28 October 2010

It's All About A Word - Realization

Dear Journal,

            There is actually no reason for us to feel lonely. The world is actually feeding us with troubles and tests. We can choose some of them, but for the rest of them, we can’t choose. We are forced to get into the troubles, and crawl up to the surface in pain and suffer.

            But all the suffers that come to us, we are actually being watched by Allah. He never leaves us alone; He gives us the troubles to test our faith. A lot of people will turn to the world; they will fully depend on humans, on machines, on pills and treatments. That is something that makes us become so far from Allah. There are some times that we feel we want to get closer. We pray, we recite do’a, we be good Muslims. But then when the world shows its excitement again, we fall again and again. But then we realize the truth again. It is going to be like that again and again.

            One of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) companion asked him, he said, sometimes he was so devoted to the religion, but sometimes when he worked and was having fun time with friends etc, he felt differently. So he asked, either he was a Munafiq? So The Prophet answered, no, he was not a Munafiq. He was just a normal human being, always need reminders.

            Yup, we are humans, been created with 1 heart literally, but actually a lot of them there. That is why, every time we feel that we have done ‘too much’ or we are ‘too far’ from the path prepared for us, we must be brave to turn to Allah. Maybe we must leave some of things that we like most, because we must turn to Allah. Because at the end of the world, it is not all about what we like. It is all about what Allah had asked us to do, what Allah had warned us not to do, and our Iman. Today, we can prepare a lot of reasons. We drink alcoholic drinks to release stress, we don’t perform Solat because we are busy, we steal because we want to start a business, etc… those reasons are actually rubbishes. What will be counted is what is written in Islam. The Islamic Syariah, Akhlaq, Aqidah and Ibadah.

            Turn to Allah, he will guide us with His love. He is The One, only to Him we must devote the life. Because when Allah loves you, you will get the happiness, His bless and His heaven.

We must realize this.
Because this is the DEFINITE REALIZATION.

Syafiq fadeli.


Anonymous said...

abu tawwab bersyair menyebut tentang seorang Mubib (orang yg mencintai Allah):

jgnlah engkau tertipu.
seorang kekasih punya tanda.
punya hadiah untuk kekasihnya.
pahit bala-Nya dirasa nikmat.
diterima gembira apa pun Dia perbuat.
tidak diberi pun tidak mengapa.
kefakiran dianggap penghormatan saja.
kau lihat keinginannya.
hanyalah mentaati kekasihnya.
kau lihat mukanya berseri.
hanya si Dia yang ada di hati.
dia taat segala ucapan-Nya.

Syafiq Fadeli said...

nice one...tq anonymous. abu tawwab ni siapa ek? xpnah dgr lak nama dia ni...

Anonymous said...

orang yang reka syair ni abu tawwab.syair arab..d malaysia dia x sefemes faizal tahir ^^,

Syafiq Fadeli said...

errr...tu tgh memanah ke tu??hehehe