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18 October 2010


Dear Journal,

            How are you lately? I hope you are always in the pink of health. ‘Pink of health’, is something that my tutor taught me years ago. Something from a lot of things that managed to get into my mind. Something that I manage to remember. Something that always brings me back to the moment when I crawled hardly to stand as high as my comrades. Something that brings me to the moment that I confused, either B.Ed TESL was the best option for me. Dear journal, I miss the moment when I wrote to you every single week.

            Since this is the first journal after like 4 years of ignoring you, today I think I miss you. If you wonder why the day is today, not any day between today and 4 years ago, just if you wonder, the answer is because today I realize that I have achieved a lot of things that I didn’t even imagine before. I used to be a very weak learner, I learned in a very hard way (because I am a lazy person of course), and I was always thinking of competing. I wanted to compete with my group members. I wasn’t even think about achieving something that my friends didn’t even think about. And today, the day that I declare as the day I miss my journal; I can show you my achievements. They are not so superb, but they are enough for me, so far.

            The world is moving so fast. It is actually faster than how we think it is. We are struggling to catch all the updates in this crazy little world. This blue planet always shouts to us, ‘c’mon, run faster!’. And the best part is, we obey. Why do we obey??? Why do we really concern about being up to date? Because people will call us ‘old-fashioned’ human beings if we don’t??? Yes they will, but you know what, it is just a perception. It is just a trap! People create this perception and make other people to believe. And we do believe for God sake.

            Something funny to be shared. When we go to the town or any place, we sometimes can see a reminder (a poster, a signboard) for us to beware of pickpockets. There are a lot of reminders like that, reminding us that the pickpockets are actually everywhere. That is damn true. But some of the pickpockets are traceable, some are not. Those who are untraceable are actually even more dangerous. They pick our money from our hands, in front of us, while we are conscious. We willingly GIVE them our money actually; we are pressed to do so. We have no choice, even if we have, we are persuaded to ‘invest’ for the world’s movement. Faster the world moves, faster our money flows out.

            For those who are ignoring the fact that the world is going to end, this realization is useless. They just don’t care. They do believe that there will be another world afterlife, the judgment day, the day when people will be questioned by the mighty God, the day when people will be placed in heaven or hell and have their eternal life, but they are having a life like they believe that the life after death is just a fairy tale story, a story that old people told their children just to scare them to be good and not to go to play outside after sunset. People do that, to pamper themselves. I used ‘eternal’ just now… eternal, a really scary word. I am scared with the meaning of the world. You should.

            That’s all for now… I will write to you again later. I’m going to have my lunch with my friend, and then I will search for something. I don’t know, today I have nothing really special to be done. I just let the life flows, just like how I did it before, and the result is, I am always happy. So I will keep doing it, because I know eventhough my life is not as interesting as some people, but this life makes me happy enough.

Love Allah,
Love Rasulallah,

Syafiq Fadeli (18/10/2010)


Anonymous said...

unexpected person you are.
i dunnoe what to say...(^_^)7
pray to God may He gimme like you.. ^^,v

Syafiq Fadeli said...

unexpected is not really a compliment hehe...every person is unique, that makes we special compared to the others.