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23 May 2011

The Hectic Morrow

Just came back from some places.
The first thing I did this morning was opening a counter at the IPG’s café.
It was to collect donation,
Ustazah Zubaidah asked my favor to help her,
since she is doing a Quran Class somewhere at Papar.
The money collected will be used to buy Quran, rehal, Iqra’ books and some other needs.
I managed to collect some money and handed it to Ustazah just now.
Then I went to MUIS to meet the Qadi,
Just to ask something about the witnesses for my wedding.
Then I came back to IPG to meet Madam Sharifah,
To inform her about the witness thing,
Since her husband is one of the witnesses in the wedding form that I filled.
I borrowed something from Puan Wainie for my wedding,
I think they are called ‘pahar’ or something,
Not really sure.
They are really helping,
TQ to both of them, sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

A very hectic morning,
But it was ok.
Doing good things make me feel proud of myself.
It’s about how do you spend your time.
You can choose to fill it with good or bad things.
And we are actually capable to choose and do both.
Just like the poem ‘the road not taken’ hehehe.
Good man will fill his time with good things to do.
Just now, I was a very good man.
Later, it depends on my choice,
But of course I will try my best to be a good man.
For Allah, and for people.

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