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18 May 2011

Hmmm... New look perhaps?

I've been thinking about changing the appearance of this blog.
Now it has dark theme,
with black, dark blue and some striking lines and fonts.
I think I want to change it to bright theme,
maybe some white, green, blue, and orange.
It looks nice, at least in my tremendous imagination.
Hmmm... will think about it.

I think I cannot be a full-time teenager anymore.
I must show some maturity in my life.
moreover, my relationship status will change in about 10 more days.
So maybe I have to change some things that inappropriate,
to suit my position as a husband to a woman,
a leader to a family.

"You have to be yourself!"
Who says? You say, or Allah says?
Oh ya, for those who still do not know,
It's a trap!
If you think it is not, show me at least a single verse from Dalil Naqli.
Then we can talk.

Back to the main topic,
It is still under consideration.
If one day you see my blog has new look,
it means I have considered this thought of changing the theme.
Hohohohoho (",)


Anonymous said...

be the best muslim! change! not for your new status ka apa, but...lillahi ta'ala =)
jgn wat yg sia2 sbb tiap saat amat bmakna..amat2 bmakna. perghh! bley mngubah dunia dgn sesaat saja tau...punya la, mebe u should tnya ht niat u...
it will be the best reason if everything u do is lillahi ta'ala.. nanti change theme pun boleh dpt pahala...kan? x la sia2 edit. hehe. as long as pkara baek laa..kan ustaz?hehe..cdg aje.. yg baik dr yang Maha Esa, yg buruk dr patik, hambaNya..

p/s:encik blog, tlg delete comment anony yg awal tu..sbb ade slh type.nty org bc lain plak mknanya...tQ =)

Syafiq Fadeli said...

tq anon..ya,segala amalan bermula dgn niat.kalo buka laci kerana Allah pun dpt pahala,apa lg ubah theme kerana Allah kan?hehehe..inshaAllah sentiasa berubah ke arah kebaikan...amiin...

nadiaz namikaze said...

kamon2..tukar2..nk tgk ape yg ko imaginasikan tu.hehe

Syafiq Fadeli said...

kang taktercapai akalmu kang...hahahaha...aku pun xda theme khusus lg,juz bayang2 je hehe

nadiaz namikaze said..., aku lupe nk btaw..letak la shout box kat blog ko,senang org nk berkata2 bile depa singgah blog ko.
nah aku bg link.huhu.

Syafiq Fadeli said...

ye jugak tuh...meh aku nak wat...(aku nak wat tp tak reti b4 dis haha)

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Everyday is all about betterment. I agree that we shouldn't be our true self, but being the ideal Muslim self. If I'm embracing my true nature, world will turn upside down! You don't expect Rahim Ganas to be your friend, do you? HAHA

Syafiq Fadeli said...

haha...if Rahim ganas is my friend, i will not give u my wedding invitation card. it is too risky. haha