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11 February 2011

What FRIENDSHIP Means ... (???)

OK, this is a really short post…

Let say, we were best friends. Really close and we cared about each other, and we wanted to be with each other. At that time we defined ‘best friends’ as bla bla and bla, a definition that showed how close we were, and of course it was different with the definition for ‘lovers’. Was it really different or we chose to arrange the words so it sounded different?
And one day I told you that I would get married with a lady.
And then you pulled yourself back, too far.
For what?
Now think, were we best friends?
Or were we lovers that didn’t admit that we were lovers?
Or we were best friends and silent-lovers at the same time, but we chose not to bring it to the next level?

And now, think again.
Look around you, look at every friend that you have.
Are you friends?

Look deeper
You will find that there are many people who love you exist around you.
You only have to open your eyes, and feel the beauty.

Love is everywhere… spread love.


dalil said...

aih, macam mendalam sgt je maknanya tu....

Syafiq Fadeli said...

apa maksudnya?hehe..xda la...this is juz my reflection on what are happening around me.of cos it sounds familiar,bcoz it is everywhere...hehehe