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04 November 2011

IN TIME - The new 5 stars movie that just watched

for those who are looking for a superb new movie to watch,
try 'In Time' (not inteam, inteam tu kump nasyid)

I give the movie 5 stars for several reasons,
1. The idea and theme are fresh.
2. The metaphorical message is sensitive and 'spicy'.
3. The cinematography is nice.
4. The ending is not typical, unexpected for some people.
5. etc etc etc...
But the main point is, the idea is fresh.
It feels good when we can watch something that never appeared in cinemas or even in our mind before.
It is a very amazing new fiction.
Go and watch it, you might love it as well.


Nadiaz Namikaze said...

really???! harus tgk ni..hoho

t a u f i k said...

Totally agree with you! Interesting premise and wonderful actors! Cita ni mmg sangat different. I mean, time as the new currency? This movie makes me think.

t a u f i k said...

PS: Syafiq, you have been tagged. read this:

inisuha said...

belum sempat tgk lagi, tengok trailer mcm best.tambah2 ada justin..