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23 January 2011

Sabhi Saddi - Nadiku (A Ballad that Survives)

Sabhi Saddi - Nadiku

Lirik Nadiku – Sabhi Saddi
Suara kisah kita
Yang sehalus sahutan di mata
Segala norma yang melena ku
Pada aroma syurga kita

Nan syahdu cinta menunggu
Sayunya kerna air matamu

Nadiku bagaikan berlagu
Nantimu hentikan apa berlaku padamu
Yang ku temu
Hadirmu sambutlah damba dakapanku

Suria kasih kita
Yang berbisik gerimis serinya
Seindah frasa yang damaikan ku
Walau sezarah air mata

Biarku kucup wajahmu
Leburkan saja ia padaku

p/s: Lately, national music industry is filled wildly by indie’s songs, like they become the kings of music for somehow. Their future in music is still blur, they success now but doesn’t mean they will be like that for the whole eras. Some genre remains popular but some genres are popular depending on the seasons. You know, something like a looooooot of people looking for nasyid genre durin Ramadhan, something like that. For indie, I don’t know it falls into which category.

But one of the genres that will never disappear or suffer the decreasing of followers is ballad. There are more like rock, pop, RnB, etc, but I wanna focus more on ballad (yeah, it is my most fav actually) because I wanna share a song with you guys by Sabhi Saddi entitled Nadiku. A very short lyric song, using slow ballad, and slow mood, but has a very strong melody and meaning. The song didn’t catch my attention when I listened it for the first time, but after several times I realized that the song is so beautiful. Added by the fact that its video clip is quite eyes-catching, it becomes a song that has a bond with me. But like other songs perhaps, someday it will be replaced with another new good song. But for now, let’s enjoy this one, I’ve put it in my Jet Audio’s playlist and keep repeating playing the song. So what? You think it’s nerd + lame??? (and, do I care if you think so?)


Ranz عسران عمر said...

salam ziarah syeikh... :) saja jenjalan follow k...singgah mensinggahi la ye...hee...oh, ye..kalau nak buat walimah nnti, hantar2la jemputan..biarpun blum tentu dpt pegi...huu

Syafiq Fadeli said...

x habis2 ziarah ye?bagus2,sunah tu hehehe.i'Allah apa2 nanti akan diumumkan,kalo jadi sume la hehehe.