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07 January 2011

KERAJAAN PERPADUAN ~ Keep on dreaming!

It is an annoying thing to read when we read things in the papers and we know those things are impossible and shall be closed already, but because of the lack of hot stuffs in the market, 'our' reporters keep writing those bullshits just to fill their newspapers with something to be put on the front page, to catch people's attention cheaply. LOL.

We have been showed with so many cases that are considered settled, but they are still on news because they are interesting, so it's ok to keep repeating the same thing as long as they are interesting. And yes, Malaysians love superstitious stories. Look how 'sejadah berdiri' and 'hantu-hantu' stories become so famous. All the people who are expert in this area did give their comments and opinions and answers, but still, we can see civilians' comments on the news and they are so many like hell, overlapping all the infos given by our experts. Yes, because civilians' comments are more 'supernatural' compared to those informative comments. That's how we live, love fantasy. 

In this post, I don't want to express my opinions about 'hantu' things. I just want to give my opinions on another superstitious issue (perhaps) which is Kerajaan Perpaduan, it is something like UMNO plus PAS then they will become something better called Kerajaan Perpaduan, of maybe UMPAS or PASNO or maybe SAY-NO-TO-PAS party.

You can google so many pages on webs about this, this is just an example Agong, Najib, and Nik Aziz.

1st of all, you are free to have your own thoughts as long as you don't publish it widely if it can cost you ISA. But this is my own opinion, and somehow I really think that this is damn true.

Stop talking about Kerajaan Perpaduan! Don’t you understand, we will never reach that kind of dream. Don’t you understand our social way of thinking? How long do you live in Malaysia, I think it is long enough to understand our mentality since you are now surfing web so I think you are not infants and babies. We will never have Kerajaan Perpaduan! These are my reasons:

1. Because we are in a democracy country. We can’t live in a country that has a government, without opposition. We must have ONE opposition at least. Tun Mahathir did say this once, Malaysia must have PAS because opposition party is like a mirror, they show you what are your weaknesses and mistakes. We need this kind of reveal so we can improve our services etc. If all people want to be in and support one particular party, then who will tell you your weaknesses? Those shoes polishers in your AGM??? That will only lead you to a classic government and empire’s collapse.

2. Because we are not standing on a same stage. Look at those parties in Malaysia, what are their intentions? Similar or opposing each other? Yes, their focuses and intentions are different and that makes them impossible to work together as a big ruling party. One party want to protect the specialties of Malays and Bumiputras, another one want to build an Islamic country that will be fair to all races, another one want to bring in the ‘justice’ in governing the country, others are representing their races, etc. How come a party that want to protect some races’ specialties will be friend with an Islamic party that for sure will balance their focus on all people especially Muslims. When race party and religious party want to synchronize their ways, it is almost 100% impossible. Because races are something that can’t be changed, it is in our bloodline, DNA. But being Muslims, it is changeable. A man might be a Chinese but if he is a Muslim, he also will get what other Muslims get. It’s like a man who wants to make a tiny building as a house will not sell his share to a man who wants to make the same building as a restaurant. They will fight and arguing all the time.

3. Anybody who reads or knows about ‘The Art of War’, you will understand this point better. In the art of war, it tells that two countries that have different level of power and public acceptance will not be partners, especially when it is requested by the smaller power country. Same like what happens here. It is because the big guy will always stepping on the small guy’s head and make them their followers instead of ruling together, and the small guy will keep demanding to be bigger to get what big guy gets. It will happen in so many situations but basically, it is connected closely to this big guy small guy theory.

4. Because Malaysians are not a kind of people that can easily accept differences. No need to lie behind the concept of 1Malaysia or ‘bersatu-padu’ things, we are not that kind and acceptance actually. Don’t just look at the TV and banners, they are all smiling there. But the reality is, we have to try so hard to accept things that are not us. You know what, actually Malaysians are not civilized enough. Just like what Tun Mahathir (again, how genius) said, Malaysia has 1st class facilities but 3rd class mindset.

Look at the stadium, how many supporters still ‘support’ their football teams by throwing bottles and fireworks into the field? How many women who speak loudly about Islam while wearing halfway ‘tudung’?? How many teenagers who involve in social problems and they don’t even know what are they doing? We just want to be and do like those westerns do, that we watch on TV. But be follow them blindly, without knowledge and intentions. At the end of the day, we are nobody accept westerns’ copier but stupider.

Wake up dear citizens. I don’t say that Kerajaan Perpaduan is totally impossible. It can be done if WE DO A LOT OF SACRIFICES for the sake of everybody. If all people can put aside their ego and self-importance, we can reach that dream. If not, the dream will always be a dream forever. The question is, will we do those sacrifices and leave all of our fancy life and share them with other people so all people in this country will be evenhanded? 


Ibrahim Ismail said...

Unless we're becoming another Negara Bangsa like Indonesia, there are things that are not worth to be sacrificed. I.e. religion.

Syafiq Fadeli said...

some things are meant to be protected, not all the things are dealable.