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26 January 2011

LUCU YANG AMAT, baca weh!!!


I shouldn't post this coz it might drag me into trouble, but I still wanna post this coz I think that this is the superbest classic funniest thing of the year (of the century perhaps).

The funny thing is...

It is damn funny when somebody who you know (for sure) are talking badly about you, behind you, and they don't know that you know it, and keep meeting, pretending and smiling at you, like you don't know it. And this funny thing is able to make you laugh, or cry, or being somewhere in the middle.

Funny isn't it?


p/s: Stop being Drama King / Queen... It's disgusting, and sinful of course.
p/s: This is a general statement, it doesn't mean that all people who read this must think that I am shooting them. You better think about 'I must stop being like this if it is me' than 'Where did he knows that?'... Be matured, be holier. 


nadiaz namikaze said...

yes, that kind of thing is surely very funny.

Syafiq Fadeli said...

very classically funny nak mampos hohohoho