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04 December 2011

The One and Only, ISLAM.

4 January 2011
Up to 100,000 converts to Islam are living in the UK, with white women leading the growing number of people embracing the Muslim faith, according to a report by Kevin Brice of Swansea University.
The study, on behalf of the Faith Matters organisation, found 5,200 people converted to Islam in the UK last year.
A survey of 122 converts last year showed 56% were white British, with women making up 62% of respondents.
One convert in Wales, Jane, talks to Felicity Evans of BBC Radio Wales about why she chose to follow the faith and change her life.

p/s: Funny, when the west is now heading to Islam for a better life, some of Malaysians are thinking of leaving Islam for some ridiculous reasons.

What are we searching for?
If we are searching for money, status, temporary happiness, the WORLD... We will never find those things in Islam.
But if we want a blessed life in the world, blessed money, blessed status, the WORLD, the AKHIRAT... please be and live in Islam, because only Islam can provide them.

A video from Baba Ali today, enjoy ;)

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