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08 December 2010

Rempuh Halangan VS Langgar Halangan

What is the difference between rempuh halangan dan langgar halangan???

Rempuh halangan means they prepare some ‘halangan’ like 6 feet wall, 12 feet wall, tarzan swing, etc, and we are required to go through the tests so that we can pass it. Finally we will win the game with glory.

Langgar halangan means they prepare some ‘halangan’ and we PLAN to go through it, so we run as fast as possible to pass the tests, but we fail to do it. So at the time that we are supposed to go through the halangan, we fail to do it, and we crash them. And yes, we do not pass it. Finally we will reach the ending line with injury.

So, for jamboree next week, we must rempuh halangan. Don’t langgar2 okeyh. Baru la menang, dpt hadiah, hahahahaha.

Mau training menari sumazau pulak ni. Yeah yeah yeah!!!


Diyana Amira said...

selamat merempuh halangan
good luck good luck

Syafiq Fadeli said...

tq komander