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07 December 2010

I Still Can't See The Land, We Are Still Too High.

Dear Diary,
Today is my second day training for ‘something’ and I still… erm, I dunno what to say, dunno how to describe. Nope, I know how to describe, I just don’t know how to actually describe these thoughts to make sure people don’t misjudge me, or maybe hate me. Because right now, my thoughts are a lil bit naughty. Nope nope, they are not naughty at all. They are completely true and serious, I just don’t know how to tell people that these thoughts are really true eventhough they are completely opposing their thoughts. Argh, my words are juggling around, I just don’t know…

Let me describe all the things in Tasawur…

Imagine a mountain. There are 10 people trying to reach the top. A man who used to be at the top says that they have to use track A, and then a man from nowhere says that they have to use track B coz it SEEMS clearer and easier. But that is the problem, the track is not the right track coz it just ‘seems’ to be that way. And the effect is, people use track B coz they believe on what they see at the beginning of the road, ignoring what might appear at the middle of the way, denying all justifications.

Ok, I think that ‘simile’ has cleared the air. At least for me, I have spoken. And for the rest of the people, up to you. If you can understand that, so it’s a gift for you.

By the way, morning training is finished and now is the time to have some rest. Anybody want to join me to 1B??? hehehehe. Need to withdraw money and buy some things.

Oh ya, I want to write something about my experience during LIBK 21 UiTM Sabah, but maybe later. After this la, kejaaaaaap lagi. Right now, post this one first hehehe.


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