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13 June 2012

To Dakwah or Not To Dakwah

Assalamualaikum WBT.
Today is my last day being at school for this first semester of 2012. What I feel? I feel really great! I’ve got my monthly salary yesterday, installed my car’s bumpers and skirts, and the spoiler will come next week, and I’m going to have a one week holiday in Sabah next week. Isn’t that enough to make me feels really excited? Hohoho

That is something about me, and I know you will get no benefit at all reading things about me. So, now I’m going to bring on something that is beneficial for all of us.

Nowadays, people are afraid of dakwah. They are afraid to do dakwah, and also afraid to receive dakwah from somebody else. Dakwah now has a very bad impression among people. When they are asked to do dakwah, they say that they are not good enough to preach other people. When people want to dakwah them, they think that those people think that they are bad. Do you get it? What a joke!

So now, in what situation, actually, dakwah can occur?

We must reset our mind. Dakwah is an effort to guide people to the good path, doing good things and prevent doing bad things, which is called sins. You don’t have to be a ‘Mullah’ just to teach other people to give ‘salam’ to other Muslims. And you don’t have to be a ‘Mufti’ to tell people that stealing is prohibited. Today, anybody who speaks about the best way of life, will be questioned on their academic background, their qualification etc. Do I need a degree to give a speech about how to do ‘solah’? If that so, all fathers cannot teach their kids about ‘solah’ because the fathers have degrees in other fields. Some of them are engineers, architects, doctors, etc. so we need to find an ‘ustaz’ to come daily to our house just to show our kids how to pray? Total joke, man.

Everybody can give dakwah in any situation. When we say and do good things, that is already a dakwah. Expose the beauty of Islam to all the people. Now, we tend to hide it from others. Shame? Nothing to be shamed. “Islam is the best way of life, it stands at the highest place and nothing is higher than it”. Are we ashamed to something really great that we own? What kind of shame is that exactly? It’s like we have a Lamborghini, and we feel ashamed to drive it between Hondas and Toyotas. What for?

A good Muslim will make dakwah as part of his daily life. Good Muslims will always say good words, do good things, show good behavior, and avoid themselves from doing bad things. They will give advices to people around them to do good things and not to do bad things. That is already considered as dakwah. Don’t be too ignorant, asking people not to mind your business. You are not living alone in this world, you are sharing it with others. So live accordingly in this big community. The world is our neighborhood now. Spread dakwah, spread love.



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