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16 November 2010

mari melukis 2

Save Them!!!

p/s: do u think singing 'baby baby baby hooooo' like that is cute? do u think it's 'male' enough??????huh!
p/s: justin bieber hater!


lolahunny said...

haha yeah, justin bieber is so GAY!
I could not agree more.

(although, people are secretly singing that "baby" song underneath their breath.. that song can be very contagious lol)

Syafiq Fadeli said...

i'm not sure either he's gay or not..but that is how he is rite now.hahaha.i just can't force myself to like him,i wonder why others (esp girls) love him that much.

belle said...

LOL, awesome.. Btw, im justin bibih's hater too :D


Syafiq Fadeli said...

u hate him?good,that means u r completely normal.