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17 November 2010

Kisah Madam JP

Dear blog,
(Dear blog??? somehow it sounds erotic.. hahaha)

Why So SeriOus??? Why So SeriOus??? 

Yesterday I went to Language Department IPG Gaya, I just wanted to submit my 3 chapters of AE, and then I wanted to submit some books that I borrowed from SAC. These were the plot:

  1. I came into the department.
  2. I saw Mr. Lourdes, so I met him and submit the books that I borrowed. Mr Lourdes checked the list, so the borrowers’ names were there; the books’ titles were also there, so everything was fine. The submission finished smoothly.
  3. I went to Madam Clara’s table to submit my AE.
  4. I went to Mr. Gerrard’s room to take SAC’s key (SAC: a room where I had to place the books back in their racks). But I couldn’t find the key, I just kept looking for it because I wanted to be hurry.
  5. Mdm JP saw me!! Jeng jeng jeng!!!
  6. She called me and asked ‘what are you looking for?’ with ‘nada xpuas hati mcm mau marah2’.
  7. I said ‘I want to submit the books that I borrowed from SAC, the AE books’.
  8. She said ‘No! You have to meet Mr. Lourdes first, you have to tell him, sign the record book, you can’t simply go into the room and put the books there!!!’ (lebih kurang mcm ni la dia cakap, dgn nada yg bikin panas)
  9. I said ‘yes mam, I already met Mr Lourdes and did the procedures, and now is the final procedure, putting the books into SAC’. (dengan nada selamber n senyum, nada sindir mcm langsung x affected dgn kemarahannya. Tp dlm hati panas jugak la)
  10. she said, ‘Oh OK’. (oh ok??????oh that was not ok, definitely)

Finally the princess and the prince lived happily ever after…The End.

p/s: Thank God I still had my rationality yesterday, if not, I don’t know what would come from my gorgeous tongue. U know, me ‘gorgeous’ tongue, right? Tadaaaaaa.


Ibrahim Ismail said...

What's wrong with her, really? PMS? Do people still justify their anger over PMS, anyway.

Anonymous said... funny dis fairy tale..

lolahunny said...

hahaha I don't know who is that lady but I can relate to some "makcik kantin" when I was back in KL.
funny funny.

Valossa Vicious said...

Hi Lola!

Jenny Pang has always been a looney. I pity her actually. She needs a husband...

mrskzee said...

hahahahaha. kin panas!

lolahunny said...

Hi valossa =),

haha I never knew this "blogging" thing is actually quite interactive. Makes facebook so last season. ( or I am the one yang lambat discover bende?)

and hehe now the lady has a name, "Jenny Pang"... someone should try and tackle her. Maybe her mood would change for the better.

Syafiq Fadeli said...

im: dunno...she needs at really nice long sleep maybe.haha

anonymous: it is not a fairy tale actually,it did happen to me yesterday.haha

lola: she is a lecturer,a person who educates educators..irony.btw for me,fb is to communicate,but blog is to express ur feelings and thoughts.somehow, like that la.hehe

joe: maybe u should try to tackle her...maybe u r her type of guy.maybe u r her prince!

mrskzee: mmg panas...kalo laki ko d tempat aku,aku rasa dh btumbuk dorg tuh hahaha

mrskzee said...

SV practicum kesayangan diye tuh. hahahahaha. same sam kau sayang SV kau. ahaks!

Syafiq Fadeli said...

hoooo no no no...ko salah faham tu dayle...hahahaha